¡Estamos en el Mismo Equipo!

As stated, Che Guevara had a good crossover move. Perhaps this aligned the revolutionary with fledgling Laker Adam Morrison’s sensibilities. Pau Gasol sent me this photo of his new mate with the note that Morrison is a fan of mine. (This is an example of Laker wit; as you see, Pau is most easily amused!)

As to Morrison, note how he defines himself by influences of basketball legendariness (Larry Bird), revolutionary politics (Che), and anger against automated devices (rage against the machine).

If I were to emulate this pose, I would lie beneath posters of Kobe Bryant (yes, still my favorite NBA player), Barack Obama (of course!), and an image of me delivering a soccer kick to a toaster. (My pan was swallowed by one this morning!).

Notes From Our Match: First, I scored 13 in our victory in Indiana. But while it was a wellspring of encouragements, it was not as great as the vision of Greg Oden taking to the court again. With Greg rejoining us, I receive glimpses of our future excellence.

Lastly, a lesson for me. When a shot bounces from the rim, and all eyes are drawn to the ball, some unprincipled NBA players will shout “Same team!” as the ball descends. This is a dishonorable ruse in that they are actually from the OPPOSING team.

Is this juvenil? . It it an effective styling? As it worked twice for me tonight against the dreaded Jeff Foster, I must say “¡Sí!
(To order the Che/Rudy shirt, click upon its image.)

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  1. Hola. hoy contra Indiana he tenido una rara vision: el jefe te la ha pasado dos veces seguidas... increible (a la segunda ya te cascaste un buen tiro marca de la casa). El otro, el fuera de la ley no te la devuelve ni jarto de grifa...


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