Once More, With the Feeling

I have at least two Trail Blazer mates for whom English is a non-native tongue. Can our language difficulties hamper our on-court performance?

Perhaps. But I feel basketball is an international language, like amor or matemáticas. Two players make eye contact, and without a word, something passes between them.

Maybe it is a ball.

My throat infection is making exponents of the aches and pains I already possessed from the Ariza/Fernández Conflict. So I feel older than chronology suggests. It puts me in mind of 73-year-old Ken Mink. Señor Mink was a basketball player for Roane State College this season. And he also played in college 53 years ago! He was removed from the team after being accused of shooting creams of shaving into his coach’s office chamber.

Mink was terminated in 2009 as well. Shaving products played no role this time. Instead it was because of his failure to reach required academic standards in a course.

In which of Mink's classes was the flunking committed? ¡Español! So yes, language difficulties CAN put the cramp up a player’s court time. (More is the pitying.)
(Rudy photo from ACB. Ken Mink photo from Knox News.)


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