Basketball Campings Under the Spanish Sun

Put in your mind this situation: You finish your workday, and proceed to el baño. There you change out of the clothing de trabajo and take a shower.

Emerging refreshed, you face reception by a gaggle of journalists. They have many questions for you about your work! Microphones are pressed forward and questions volley as you look for your socks.

It is oddness, no? And after all these NBA games, this is still my frame of mind to find the journalists in the locker rooms. (No European teams allow these incursions of the privacy!)

As the playoff heats intensify like the summer sun, I consider seasonings to come. After the NBA games finish, I wish to join the Spanish national team in the Eurobasket competition. Further, my basketball camping —Campus Rudy 09— will be held again in Palma de Mallorca this summer. This will feature grueling but informative sessions of basketball drills and sunbathing.

The boy and girl campers of both genders are welcome at Campus Rudy. In fact, all are invited but the journalists! I am mindful to point out, however, that fluency in Spanish and experience with snorkeling gear is helpful. (More informations here.)

Can basketball camping help with one’s play? Ask 18-year-old Campus Rudy visitor Ricky Rubio. The star Spaniard could be in the 2009 NBA drafting... and if so, speculations are that he would be a top-five pick!

Camp photos are from camp. Rudy lockerroom photo might be from Blazer's Edge or BustaBucket or elsewhere on the Interwebbings.


  1. Rudy, you are one of the most exciting players in the league in just your rookie season in the NBA. Now I find out you are also a great person off the court, your own basketball camp. By the way, how would you feel about playing with Rubio again?

  2. i'm watching you play right now!!
    you're doing an amazing job!!


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