Los Testículos de Carlos Boozer Han Descendido

In anticipations of my birthdate on April 4, Sergio brought a celebratory cake by my home.

I thank you, El Chacho. Be assured, you will get many unhappy returns on this.

Even so, it is possible the bone fragments might provide me added calcium to ward off the back spasmings that come to me from out of the blues. The team trainer gave me a massage, but I could not play in tonight's matching against the Jazz.

So I gestated in the Jacuzzi and viewed my mates play on TV. But reaching for a bottle of water in the tercer período, I clearly missed a court occurrence as Joel Pryzbilla suddenly stormed into the chamber of lockers!

"Have you been exiled from the match?" I asked.

The Jacuzzi's bubblings mixed with Joel's sulphurous oaths made understanding difficult. But amid his incomprehensible Midwestern profanities was a matter concerning a lost $2,000. (Aha, the price of two technical fouls!) Also mixed in were comments about Carlos Boozer's dropped balls. (Yet surely Boozer's testes descended long ago?)

I suppose I must watch the incident on replays!
Pryzbilla getting evicted photo by the Oregonian.


  1. feliz cumpleaños :D

  2. Feliz Cumpleaños!
    Espero que tengas un cumpleaños fenomenal!
    Bueno suerte con los partidos!

  3. Rudy: Buena suerte y ojala que se mejore pronto. Feliz cumpleanos tambien!

    Muchas gracias Bart - S.


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