Here Are My Laurels: Now I Shall Rest on Them

It was a personal kilometer-stone: In our match last night against the Phoenix Suns, I made five 3-pointers. This helped me toward 23 points in totality, as I made 8-of-10 with the shots.

This was not the pure joy.

At the end of the tercer período, Sergio made the unseen pass to me on a baseline cutting. I then made an off-kilter layup with no regard for human life!

This was still not the pure joy.

There were 1.7 seconds left at that moment. As Phoenix got the ball, I circled widely like a condor and made a theft of their inbounds passing. And in a world without time, I made a three-pointer at the buzzer!

I scored five points in less than two seconds. And the fans got the accursed chalupas. This was almost the pure joy.

Mi recompensa final: Upon the returning to the bench, I saw that one of the Rose Garden’s battle-hardened ushers was busting moves while expostulating, “That was awesome!”

Sergio's eyes met mine: To break through to a jaded usher is unheard of— and it was then that the pure joy hit me! And with that, I sat upon my restful laurels.
Photo by Don Ryan.


  1. Oy Rudy, thats what I am talking about. Step up with that confidence. 23 points is nothing, someday you will dropping 30,40 and even 50 points. The game was freaking awesome dude. Remember, always No Regard For Human Life!

  2. I was in the RG last night and it was amazing; it was such a fun game to watch and I felt so proud to see the Spanish connection working to perfection!! You were both amazing last night; pity that Nate didn't keep Sergio a little longer.
    I'll go again tomorrow with a group of Spaniards. Will you put one in Mark's face??

  3. this is the spanish uprising time. add up gasols 36/11/7 against the nets...

    I'm already counting time to next Olympics, we will be a frightening team: imagine Calderon Ricky, Rudy, Marc, Pau, Sergio and Juan Carlos Navarro on their prime of youth and experience combined.... wow.

    ps. rudy, youre bound to be the next, improved, way better Ginobili of the NBA

  4. about your points per second scoring ability, how about 'Machine Gun' as nickname?

  5. WOW
    even though i love the suns but that was SICK


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