The Grabbing Bag

Today I provide a topic variety. It is a bag for grabbing! First, did you know that Baron Davis has an “off” switch? As we found when playing his team, it can be easily activated by making contact with him. An example follows:

This trait gives Baron unique credibilities when it comes to turning off and unplugging devices for the conservation!

But better to have an off-switch than the bouncy center which Sasha Vujacic possesses. This leads to embarrassing results after a celebratory chest bump. (Pau Gasol says that Sasha sometimes plays like “a physics experiment gone bad.” Now I understand his meaning!)

Finally, you can join a fan club of my devising! Sergio claims that having my own fan club is a sign of massive egotism. ¡Él sólo desea que él tenía su propio club de fans! Anyway, fans of my club can obtain prizes, but they have to be earned. First up, I give away the signed sneakers that I wore at the slam-dunk competitions! (Click on the image for more informations.)


  1. what is he saying in the video? I want to compete for the shoes!

  2. There is a button on the site's top right corner marked "English." Hit that and the video will play with subtitles.


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