¿El Mago o El Machetero o El Bigote?

As recuperation proceeds, I have more time in my hands. So first in the grabbing bag, a reader asks how many years ago the photo from the left was taken. It is from last month’s Allstar Weekend! (I was challenged by my hair gel's application.)

Thank you to the blog reader who sent me the dueling bus placards from Spain. The first reads, “God probably doesn’t exist. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” Ah, those atheists and their irrepressibility!

The second placard rebuts: “When everybody abandons you, God remains with you.” In my case, I would add Sergio to this. Many thanks again for staying all night in the hospital, my friend!

Finally, a reader question regarding the nicknamings. Yes, in Spain I was referred to at times as El Mago (the Magician). This derived from my ability to manipulate the ball with prestidigitorial dexterity. (Plus, I can shoot!)

At this site, two other thoughts have been suggested by readers. They include El Machetero (literally, “the Machete Wielder,” but generally, a trail blazer) and El Bigote (“the Moustache,” as I may grow one for the playoffs).

Let me know if there are others I should be in consideration of. This distracts me from the hurtings in my slight frame. ¡Un abrazo para todos!


  1. El Conquistador!
    El Trondador!
    El Matador!

  2. Andrea Bargnani already has Il Mago down, but pff nobody cares about the Raptors .

    El Machetero is the best one.

    But seriously, grow some prodigious moustachios.

  3. Please, please grow one for the playoffs...and maybe St. Patrick's day...and to celebrate the recent arrival of the sun...because every reason is a good reason to grow a mustache!

  4. Machetero is the best by far. You shouldn't identify yourself with the moustache because that dubious honor belongs to the unclean Adam Morrison.

  5. I stand by my suggestion of "Machetero," but add that it would be AWESOME for you to grow a moustache for the playoffs. That would quiet the rabll who insist that we should have "drafted the 'stache" because we would have a 'Stache of our own!

    I suggest a style similar to that sported by Alex Antebi when he won the world beard and moustache contest in the "imperial" category. He clearly is a Spaniard at heart! http://ilovethisworld.com/?p=1918

  6. Since you've been hacked recently, El Machetero is clearly the best choice.

  7. el conquistador rudy!!! you came to america to conquer!

  8. I think the Moustache would be glorius. There are a bunch of us Rudy fans in portland that are doing www.moustachemarch.com right now!

  9. I really hope you do grow a mustache! There are many of us in Portland who grow mustaches every month...



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