Meeting a Special Someone, Dead or Alive

Though my English skills are in advancement, my language tutor will give gentle corrections when needed. Take this poll in which I was asked “Who's the person you'd most like to meet (dead or alive)?

My answer was my girlfriend, Cristina.

My tutor pointed out this statement was off the target.

¿Por qué no?” I responded. “Cristina is alive. Or are you trying to tell me something?!”

My tutor hastened to explain I could not “meet” Cristina because I already know her. The question was apparently of the aim to get at what unknown person I would want to encounter.

Ah! Then the answer becomes a tossing-up between Miguel de Cervantes (top) and Spanish Ministra de Defensa Carme Chacón Piqueras. Another possibility? María Eugenia Brianda Timotea Cecilia Martínez de Irujo y Fitz-James Stuart (above left). I have curiousities about her lineage.

Adicíon: In the polling, Sergio and I wrongly profess ignorance about Twitterings. This is self-protection. Our locker room is genial but macho, and we have no interests in being typified as nerdly Spaniards brimming with tech savviness. (Others lied as well; Greg Oden claims to watch The Freshness of the Bel-Air Prince, but as is known, the BBC’s Royal Shakespeare Productions are his primary viewing fare!)
Cervantes sculpture by Carlo Nicoli,
María's photo from Hola.com,
Rudy shot courtesies of Ben Golliver.

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